The Natural Sea Sponge

by xtinaissharp

We live in a chemical world. We don’t know exactly what we are putting into our bodies or what we are  putting on our skin. I have heard the benefits of approaching a more natural lifestyle but had no clue where to start. I did a little research and found sea sponges to be an excellent beginning to my naturalistic lifestyle.

It all begins in Tarpon Springs Florida, where 90% of the worlds supply of natural sea sponges comes from. Sea sponge divers harvest yearly sea wool sponge, yellow sponge, and silk sponge. The crops are rotated after every harvest, and the sponge grows back bigger and stronger than before.

Why natural and not synthetic? Natural sponge is better for the environment and personal care than synthetic sponges. Natural sponges can hold more water and when they are properly taken care of can last 10 years! Synthetic sponges can break apart from bacteria and mildew buildup (and smell horrible) after about a week of consistant use. That is because synthetic sponges do not carry enzymes like natural sponges that do not allow the growth of mold and mildew. Also, natural sponges are chemical free, making them safer  for cleaning and healthier for skin. The sea wool sponge, yellow sponge, and silk sponge are all great for these uses. If you’re interested in buying one of these you can go to your local grocery store, but I make your life easy: sponges!

The Loofa sponge, besides having the best name ever, is awesome for exfoliating skin. It’s rougher and stiffer than the sea sponges listed above. This sponge is actually grown out of the ocean on a Loofa plant. The plant originated from Africa and Asia. These can be grown in a basic garden, but be warned, they do have a 4 month growing season. They should be started indoors, and then when they are getting too pid for the pot, transport them into the outdoors. In case you aren’t into the whole gardening thing, you can buy them here.

Personally, I’ve been bathing with a yelloe songe for a few weeks now and it’s amazing. It’s scrubby enough so I feel super clean after. It’s also pretty exfoliating eben thought it isn’t a loofa sponge. That’s next on my list.

Happy cleaning


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