Gradient Glitter

by xtinaissharp

I’ve been seeing this nail design a lot on pinterest recently, and have been kind of obsessed, so yey! Nail tutorial!

The colors I am using make this look like an alternative to a french manicure. The base nail color I am using is Essie – Mademoiselle. Paint nails with two coats of that. It is a  pretty sheer color, but adds a pink, lighter tint to the nail thats make the overall look pretty classy.


After nails are completely dry, then brush on a coat of the Pure Ice – Beeware glitter topcoat brushing from the middle of the nail to the tip. After that first layer if the glitter top coat is dry, then add the last layer. Do this by just dabbing the glitter nailpolish at the tips of the nail.


There you have it :]

Happy painting


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