Sand Worthy Nails

by xtinaissharp

cupcolors cup nocup

It’s the middle of the winter when I miss summer the most (as it seems to be for many other people as well). The warm sun, trips to the beach, sticking your toes in the sand, and the perfect season for smoothies. Barefoot in Barcelona is such a lovely nude shade (especially if you are like me and have an olive skin tone) along with a metallic color. While browsing through the rest my nail polish I came across Warm & Fozzie which immediately reminded me of sand, with it’s very small glitter and yellow-copper color. I couldn’t resist using these two colors together. I used some scotch tape and reinforcement labels to create such clean accents. Have fun with this combination by maybe adding some polkadots or adding a matt topcoat to Warm and Fozzie to add an even more cozy feeling.

Quick-tip: When you’re using tape to create accents, it’s important to peel off the tape (slowly) before the polish begins to dry. If it becomes too dry,  it can peel away at itself, creating an uneven and jaggity edge.

Happy painting


One Comment to “Sand Worthy Nails”

  1. Gorgeous color combination!

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